Balanced Life

In today’s digital world it seems like we have less time. Whether it’s our smartphones that connects us to our work 24/7 or social media that consumes our social lives or the non-stop hustle to reach entrepreneurial freedom. Really it may be a combination of it all.
It makes staying connected with friends and loved ones and finding time for oneself difficult…So how do you do it all???


Discussing the vision with photographer Royal Binion before Lumibloom photo shoot

I spend 9 months out of the year being an Elite Athlete/ Entrepreneur, and planning is how I juggle it all. I spend 3–4 hours on the track and weight room, 1–2 hours of body maintenance, and on top of that I am running LumiBloom creating new products, working on marketing, dealing with suppliers, manufactures and managing my team.

 As I am sure you can imagine this task is nothing short of taxing! I spend 4 months of the year so exhausted that it hurts to sleep, and it takes me twice as long to complete a task.

My body aches so much it will wake me up in the middle of the night, due to weights and the hardcore training and stress that I put my body through. Also travelling sometimes takes its toll, moving from one time zone to another, and being able to perform under different conditions.

It can be both mentally and physically draining — then add running a company to the mix!

Always thinking about that one thing you can do to move the needle, either a new idea, or marketing strategy, or what you need to do.

 When my schedule gets that hectic, I accept that there are only 24 hours in the day and that I am choosing to focus my time building a brand and chasing my dreams, so I get focused, create lists, and keep my eye on the GOAL!

Now during the rest of the time, I schedule things that are important, such as connecting with family and friends and resting my mind and body when I can. I keep a list of friends I want to connect with because time will fly by so quickly that if it’s not written down it may not happen. I stay engaged and present on what my friends and family have going on and attended when I can because it is important to me to support them. I’ve learned early that support can make a difference.

Lastly, I show my body some much needed TLC. I will take a trip to my zen place Kauai and sleep on my balcony listening to the waves crash. I indulge in some of my favorite things to eat, like Chocolate Soufflés, or Crème Burles. I even continue with massages to help recovery and get my body ready to begin training again!

In the middle of a session at Club Pilates

In order to stay sane, be productive and continue to succeed, you must balance your life. When you are good to your mind, body and spirit it will be good for you! It is a way to reset, recharge and be prepared to go!

So look at your day, month, and year, determine if you have a healthy balance. If you don’t, that is ok, it’s never too late to balance it out.

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