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Shine Bright Like A Diamond! 💎

In 2019 it is time to be the CEO of your own life.
The lead of your story.

How do you do that? By being clear about what you want and going after it!

Being the CEO means taking risks and CHASING EVERY OPPORTUNITY. I have to give a disclaimer though, it’s not all glitz and glamour. It is being calm under pressure, making tough decisions and trusting your gut.

Being an Entrepreneur, boss, a champion is like a Diamond. Unique. Solid. Like every woman, there is more to a diamond than meets the eye. Rihanna uses the phrase Shine Bright Like a Diamond from her 2012 song titled “Diamonds”, to refer to your beauty and fabulousness, but I like to think it encompasses your awesomeness.

How can you shine in your life?

  1. Set quarterly goals and go after them
  2. Be intentional and thoughtful in your relationships
  3. Taking the steps needed to achieve your objectives
  4. Try that new look you were considering
  5. Commit to the diet or workout plan you have been thinking about
  6. Don’t be afraid to start that business you have always dreamed of
  7. Reach out to the company you want to work with
  8. Network with other like-minded individuals
  9. Embrace whatever transitions you are going thru with confidence
  10. Believe in yourself

Whatever it is that you want, take the RISK and get it.

Whether you succeed or fail to have the courage to try is the first part of shining and being great. You can’t be great if you never try. You can’t be a champion if you don’t have the heart to fight. And you can’t be a boss if you don’t have the will to work.

Embracing these tools will surely help you WIN!

Let’s all shine together…✨

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Gluten Free Make-UP

Being gluten free doesn’t stop at what you eat, it can include what is put on your skin as well; And that is the case for me, its not a trend, its an allergy!  My consumption or exposure to gluten comes at a high price, it can cause my throat to swell, itching, and even cause sever break out. In other words its a problem!  Until I became gluten intolerant I didn’t realize makeup, even some lotions, contain gluten (wheat).  Yes make-up!! Once I became aware that wheat can be found in make-up I went on a make-up hunt, as I am always down for a bomb beat.  

The gluten sensitive brand, that happens to be vegan, that I have fallen in love with is Hourglass.  It is easy to apply, has an incredible natural finish, doesn’t cause me to look oily after long time wear and doesn’t cause me to break out AKA my winner.  Although I found my go to brand quickly, I still did further research in case I work with a makeup artist who needed additional options.  

Too Faced Cosmetics’ entire line except for their Borderline Lip Pencil is gluten free.  Although I haven’t used their foundation, their eye shadows and Melted Gold Liquified Gold lip gloss, is to die for. Another gluten free line is Afterglow Cosmetics.  Their products are produced in a gluten-free facility and are gluten free certified. I’m also extremely interested in Sweat Cosmetics, it is a line specifically formulated for active women and also gluten free and vegan.  Lastly, Rihanna’s line Fenty beauty does not use gluten in their products.  Which is awesome, I haven’t tried it yet, however I’m eager to try the eye catching highlighter Trophy wife... need I say more!!

During my search I was happy to discover there are a number of gluten free make-up lines.  I must admit when I began my search I had NO IDEA what  I was going to find ;-)!

If you know other gluten lines DM me on IG @mackenziesjourney, or leave a comment below… I’m always interested in what else is out there!


Adding hair to your wardrobe

When entering a new season, the first thing most people think about is swapping out clothes, breaking out shoes they couldn’t wear, and showing off their season favorites. Well, how about throwing one more element into the mix, changing up your hair?

As I have grown to become a major advocate for empowerment and self-expression, my hair has become another accessory, a way to express my energetic, outgoing, colorful personality. I must admit that it helps that I have a hair company. However, I have always had a passion for playing with hair colors, lengths, and styles.

Just like clothes, different seasons call for different styles… in my book that is… This Winter, I am rocking a mid-length straight Bluish/Teal weave. As I’m cleaning out my closet and switching my wardrobe, I often consider my hair style.

The right hair style can complement any outfit. Everyone has their own aesthetic whether it is fierce, bohemian or sporty. What you wear has a mood, tells a story, says something about you and your style. Next time you think about your look, consider your hair as an accessory, the last piece to solidify your story.



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Welcome to MacKenzie’s Journey!

At 13, I decided to be a track star and earn a scholarship to college ✅ At 21, I decided that I would compete for a spot on the US Olympic team and become an Elite Athlete ✅✅ At 25, I decided that I was ready to be my own boss ✅✅✅…

The drive, strength, and discipline learned in sport has set my foundation and has empowered me to believe in ME. Through my images, posts, and videos, I will share my experiences and tips in business as I build and grow my company, and will also share my interpretation of beauty,style, and my success and struggles on the track.

Through my journey, I have developed a passion for not only fashion and all things bling and glam, but an admiration to watch and help others succeed and reach their goals. I hope to provide my readers and followers with inspiration, motivation, the confidence to chase their dreams, and be the best version of themselves…. with that said, sit back–relax and join me on my journey!