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Shine Bright Like A Diamond! 💎

In 2019 it is time to be the CEO of your own life.
The lead of your story.

How do you do that? By being clear about what you want and going after it!

Being the CEO means taking risks and CHASING EVERY OPPORTUNITY. I have to give a disclaimer though, it’s not all glitz and glamour. It is being calm under pressure, making tough decisions and trusting your gut.

Being an Entrepreneur, boss, a champion is like a Diamond. Unique. Solid. Like every woman, there is more to a diamond than meets the eye. Rihanna uses the phrase Shine Bright Like a Diamond from her 2012 song titled “Diamonds”, to refer to your beauty and fabulousness, but I like to think it encompasses your awesomeness.

How can you shine in your life?

  1. Set quarterly goals and go after them
  2. Be intentional and thoughtful in your relationships
  3. Taking the steps needed to achieve your objectives
  4. Try that new look you were considering
  5. Commit to the diet or workout plan you have been thinking about
  6. Don’t be afraid to start that business you have always dreamed of
  7. Reach out to the company you want to work with
  8. Network with other like-minded individuals
  9. Embrace whatever transitions you are going thru with confidence
  10. Believe in yourself

Whatever it is that you want, take the RISK and get it.

Whether you succeed or fail to have the courage to try is the first part of shining and being great. You can’t be great if you never try. You can’t be a champion if you don’t have the heart to fight. And you can’t be a boss if you don’t have the will to work.

Embracing these tools will surely help you WIN!

Let’s all shine together…✨


Holiday Blues 💙

The holiday season, though it may not be widely discussed, for many it is a time of loneliness and anxiety. It may seem odd because for most people the holiday season is a time filled with celebration, family, friends, and love. The same things that contribute to one person’s happiness can also be the root of another’s despair.

People are often trying to create the overly commercialized “holiday” ideal they see on TV and in the movies with the perfect tree, thousands of dollars’ worth of presents, and the perfect party. Trying to achieve these unrealistic expectations can cause stress both financially and mentally. This kind of stress may lead to fatigue and anxiety. Not meeting these expectations can lead to the feeling of failure or depression which can result in insomnia, overeating, and a series of negative emotions.

A combination of unrealistic commercial expectations with an added bonus of cold, gloomy, rainy weather can be a recipe for tough days and unhappy moods. Though there is nothing one can do about the weather (unless you go to a nice warm tropical place for the holidays😛), what you can control is how you spend your holiday time.

Volunteering my time during the holidays is the one way for me to stay filled with cheer and happiness. This year I read to kids at the 22nd Annual Breakfast and Toy Drive.

A few ways to have some holiday cheer:

Come up with a family tradition for the holidays, for example, my family ALWAYS go to the movies. Spending time with the family or loved ones is better than any gift!🎁

A few things to do as a family

  • Go to the movies
  • Play a family friendly board game
  • Have a family outing
  • Theme park
  • Bowling
  • Ice skating

Instead of trying to buy everyone a gift, play a modified version of secret Santa, this can be a fun addition to a holiday gathering. It eliminates the stress of picking the perfect gift!

  • Gather all participants
  • Have a list of participants’ favorite stores
  • Have everyone buy and wrap, a gift card or two, (of the same value)
  • On exchange day, everyone can randomly pick up a card
  • Allow for 1 card swap, you know, in case you didn’t pick the card to your favorite store
  • And enjoy — laughs — smiles😁

Put a BOW-ON-IT🎀

This is perfect for family and friends (especially grown people LOL)

  • Pick a date (my family begins November 1).
  • Anything purchased after that date gets counted as a Christmas gift.
  • And we say… PUT A BOW ON IT!

Set realistic expectations!

Don’t add additional pressure on yourself!

Embrace the moment!!!

Feel the joy, and appreciate your loved ones!




Balanced Life

In today’s digital world it seems like we have less time. Whether it’s our smartphones that connects us to our work 24/7 or social media that consumes our social lives or the non-stop hustle to reach entrepreneurial freedom. Really it may be a combination of it all.
It makes staying connected with friends and loved ones and finding time for oneself difficult…So how do you do it all???


Discussing the vision with photographer Royal Binion before Lumibloom photo shoot

I spend 9 months out of the year being an Elite Athlete/ Entrepreneur, and planning is how I juggle it all. I spend 3–4 hours on the track and weight room, 1–2 hours of body maintenance, and on top of that I am running LumiBloom creating new products, working on marketing, dealing with suppliers, manufactures and managing my team.

 As I am sure you can imagine this task is nothing short of taxing! I spend 4 months of the year so exhausted that it hurts to sleep, and it takes me twice as long to complete a task.

My body aches so much it will wake me up in the middle of the night, due to weights and the hardcore training and stress that I put my body through. Also travelling sometimes takes its toll, moving from one time zone to another, and being able to perform under different conditions.

It can be both mentally and physically draining — then add running a company to the mix!

Always thinking about that one thing you can do to move the needle, either a new idea, or marketing strategy, or what you need to do.

 When my schedule gets that hectic, I accept that there are only 24 hours in the day and that I am choosing to focus my time building a brand and chasing my dreams, so I get focused, create lists, and keep my eye on the GOAL!

Now during the rest of the time, I schedule things that are important, such as connecting with family and friends and resting my mind and body when I can. I keep a list of friends I want to connect with because time will fly by so quickly that if it’s not written down it may not happen. I stay engaged and present on what my friends and family have going on and attended when I can because it is important to me to support them. I’ve learned early that support can make a difference.

Lastly, I show my body some much needed TLC. I will take a trip to my zen place Kauai and sleep on my balcony listening to the waves crash. I indulge in some of my favorite things to eat, like Chocolate Soufflés, or Crème Burles. I even continue with massages to help recovery and get my body ready to begin training again!

In the middle of a session at Club Pilates

In order to stay sane, be productive and continue to succeed, you must balance your life. When you are good to your mind, body and spirit it will be good for you! It is a way to reset, recharge and be prepared to go!

So look at your day, month, and year, determine if you have a healthy balance. If you don’t, that is ok, it’s never too late to balance it out.

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Nike’s 30th Anniversary Branding Efforts #Justdoit!

Nike’s 30th Anniversary Campaign has caused shock waves throughout the Twittersphere, headlines, and cash registers. Nike was met with both blow back and support for naming Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th Anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. People are reacting emotionally to what Colin did; but this campaign is not about that… Embracing more than any one single act, Nike is using this opportunity to stand with and support their iconic athletes who truly communicate what their brand is all about.

Nike is strength, power and endurance. And they’re willing to be a little provocative and risky in communicating their message. This time, their Marquee Athletes and what they stand for have perfectly aligned, and Nike is bold enough to market it. Kaepernick’s courage to “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” embodies their iconic message. He just did it… Another major Nike athlete, Serena Williams stepped onto the court in her empowering shero costume because it made her feel like a superhero, and then dedicated the outfit to new mothers, the real sheros. Nike showed their support and belief in Serena with the “you can take the superhero out of her costume, but you can never take away her superpower.” This couldn’t come at a better time as she is in finals of the US OPEN. Serena is just doing it! Though the actions of these athletes are different, one common thread is that they are rebellious, determined, courageous, memorable, and disruptive. Twenty years from now you will remember Kaepernick and Serena, and everyone will remember Nike’s purpose-driven campaign that marked 30 years for JUST DO IT!



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Gluten Free Make-UP

Being gluten free doesn’t stop at what you eat, it can include what is put on your skin as well; And that is the case for me, its not a trend, its an allergy!  My consumption or exposure to gluten comes at a high price, it can cause my throat to swell, itching, and even cause sever break out. In other words its a problem!  Until I became gluten intolerant I didn’t realize makeup, even some lotions, contain gluten (wheat).  Yes make-up!! Once I became aware that wheat can be found in make-up I went on a make-up hunt, as I am always down for a bomb beat.  

The gluten sensitive brand, that happens to be vegan, that I have fallen in love with is Hourglass.  It is easy to apply, has an incredible natural finish, doesn’t cause me to look oily after long time wear and doesn’t cause me to break out AKA my winner.  Although I found my go to brand quickly, I still did further research in case I work with a makeup artist who needed additional options.  

Too Faced Cosmetics’ entire line except for their Borderline Lip Pencil is gluten free.  Although I haven’t used their foundation, their eye shadows and Melted Gold Liquified Gold lip gloss, is to die for. Another gluten free line is Afterglow Cosmetics.  Their products are produced in a gluten-free facility and are gluten free certified. I’m also extremely interested in Sweat Cosmetics, it is a line specifically formulated for active women and also gluten free and vegan.  Lastly, Rihanna’s line Fenty beauty does not use gluten in their products.  Which is awesome, I haven’t tried it yet, however I’m eager to try the eye catching highlighter Trophy wife... need I say more!!

During my search I was happy to discover there are a number of gluten free make-up lines.  I must admit when I began my search I had NO IDEA what  I was going to find ;-)!

If you know other gluten lines DM me on IG @mackenziesjourney, or leave a comment below… I’m always interested in what else is out there!


United State Of Women Summit


I had the opportunity to speak on my first panel at the United State of Women Summit. The panel was called the 2nd Act – From Athlete to Entrepreneur.  All the panelist were amazing, I was being inspired while inspiring others. One reoccurring theme amongst us all was to be successful it takes patience, resiliency, hard work, confidence and the willingness to take risks. In Addition to. the amazing women panels, Michelle Obama was the keynote. In other words, this event was major and I am honored that it was my first.

The theme of the United State of Women Summit was Barriers were meant to be broken.  Now if that isn’t a motivating and inspiring theme I don’t know what is if nothing else it’s intriguing 😉 .  It focuses on gender equality, women empowerment, and provides access, connections, and tools to equip women to power through their barriers. We were there to inspire, motivate, and encourage other women in their journeys as we talked about struggles, successes, triumphs, and ways we changed the game, broke through and overcame our own challenges whether through sport or business.

After my panel, I networked with some of the women-owned business vendors on the exhibit floor, 2 businesses I fell in love with are TomboyX and Sama Eyewear. I was able to meet the owners of both companies and not only do I love their products but truly believe and relate to their mission. TomboyX is a comfortable underwear made for women of all sizes by women. I must admit I love them and they are extremely comfortable. Can’t wait to try the Drirelease fabric 😉. As for Sama Eye Wear, all I can say is fabulous! They are incredibly innovative and unique designed glasses and sunglasses designed by Shelia Vance. She is responsible for introducing the world to luxury fashion eyewear and described as a person who has charity for a heart, technology for a brain and fashion for a soul. I was fortunate to meet and interact with her at the summit… Now I am also a proud owner of a pair of her awesome sunglasses.


Pineapple Kale Smoothie

Try my refreshing and tasty Kale and Pineapple Smoothie. Below is the recipe… This is one of my favorite after practice drinks:

1.5 cup of Kale

1 cup of Frozen Pineapple

1 cup of Almond Milk

1 scoop of Mega Foods Daily Tumeric

Ginger to taste (helps with inflammation)

Honey to taste

want to make it with me? click here



Performance Athletic Wear VS Athleisure

During a time when athleisure “active streetwear” and yoga pants are the new casual wear, people might wonder about the difference between athletic apparel brands that athletes wear like Nike, or Adidas versus athleisure or yoga brands like Alo Yoga, or GapFit, or Lululemon.

Although all the brands are very similar in structural appearance, the actual cut, fit, and flexibility differ dramatically. Performance athletic wear tends to be breathable, lightweight and flexible so you can perform intensely with limited restriction.

Though I LOVE Active Streetwear, the tight slim fit that gives great lines, can also limit the ability to be explosive and quick, and restrict muscle contraction or “firing”, as said in the sports world. As a hurdler, I am very aware of my range of motion as I need to clear a 33-inch hurdle. Wearing tights that are flexible and allow me to easily rotate my hips is a must! Athletic performance brands tend to use fabrics that are stretchy, that will allow you to achieve optimal athletic performance.

However, from a casual wear perspective Active Streetwear is great, fashionable, comfortable, and my weekend go-to’s. Sometimes I dress it up with the right accessories and will be good-to-go for a meeting or a night out with the girls– in my Alo Yoga tights! They are definitely some of my favorite tights and will always be apart of my wardrobe.