Holiday Blues 💙

The holiday season, though it may not be widely discussed, for many it is a time of loneliness and anxiety. It may seem odd because for most people the holiday season is a time filled with celebration, family, friends, and love. The same things that contribute to one person’s happiness can also be the root of another’s despair.

People are often trying to create the overly commercialized “holiday” ideal they see on TV and in the movies with the perfect tree, thousands of dollars’ worth of presents, and the perfect party. Trying to achieve these unrealistic expectations can cause stress both financially and mentally. This kind of stress may lead to fatigue and anxiety. Not meeting these expectations can lead to the feeling of failure or depression which can result in insomnia, overeating, and a series of negative emotions.

A combination of unrealistic commercial expectations with an added bonus of cold, gloomy, rainy weather can be a recipe for tough days and unhappy moods. Though there is nothing one can do about the weather (unless you go to a nice warm tropical place for the holidays😛), what you can control is how you spend your holiday time.

Volunteering my time during the holidays is the one way for me to stay filled with cheer and happiness. This year I read to kids at the 22nd Annual Breakfast and Toy Drive.

A few ways to have some holiday cheer:

Come up with a family tradition for the holidays, for example, my family ALWAYS go to the movies. Spending time with the family or loved ones is better than any gift!🎁

A few things to do as a family

  • Go to the movies
  • Play a family friendly board game
  • Have a family outing
  • Theme park
  • Bowling
  • Ice skating

Instead of trying to buy everyone a gift, play a modified version of secret Santa, this can be a fun addition to a holiday gathering. It eliminates the stress of picking the perfect gift!

  • Gather all participants
  • Have a list of participants’ favorite stores
  • Have everyone buy and wrap, a gift card or two, (of the same value)
  • On exchange day, everyone can randomly pick up a card
  • Allow for 1 card swap, you know, in case you didn’t pick the card to your favorite store
  • And enjoy — laughs — smiles😁

Put a BOW-ON-IT🎀

This is perfect for family and friends (especially grown people LOL)

  • Pick a date (my family begins November 1).
  • Anything purchased after that date gets counted as a Christmas gift.
  • And we say… PUT A BOW ON IT!

Set realistic expectations!

Don’t add additional pressure on yourself!

Embrace the moment!!!

Feel the joy, and appreciate your loved ones!



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