It’s A Process

This is my journey right…. I guess, it’s only right I share more than just advice, opinions and information. But my experiences and inner thoughts.  Ok here we go…

Process… Practice… Patience

For the past few months that has been my motto, Process, Practice, Patience…. This year I have fully emerged into a 100m hurdler routine (aka short hurdler).  I have been running like a short hurdler, lifting weights like a short hurdler, drilling like a short hurdler and thinking like a short hurdler. Little did I know how much different it would be from a 400m hurdler.

This fall training season, which was October – December, was a new experience. Instead of running to build cardio, endurance and strength, I was running to build strength and stamina, and quickly moved to speed and technique. By the end of December, I was running over speed Hurdles working on running mechanics. The running technique needed for the 100m Hurdles is different than the 400m Hurdles, and it took practice to get it down. By the way, I’m still working on it. It is a process.



Next thing I knew, the new year was here, meaning indoor track season is here… In January, I began hurdling 1,2,3 — that’s the new rhythm I need to focus on for the 100m hurdles, and for the indoor season 60m hurdles.

1,2,3…1,2,3… 1,2,3…

But, before I get to that, I must get over the first hurdle. It’s 8-steps from the blocks to the first hurdle. Ok 8 steps that should be easy enough. Right!!!


Well it’s not really the 8 steps that I struggled with, it’s the 9th step that I lead with over the 33″ hurdle that I must get over and on the other side of as fast as I can, to get into my 1,2,3 rhythm all while keeping the speed and momentum that I generated in my first 8-steps.   The first 8-steps came easily, then I get to the hurdle, over the top and fly and pose for all the photographers out there to get a good shot… then get back down to the track and start running 1,2,3… 1,2,3.



OK, OK, not literally. But that’s what any little pause looks like in a game — that .01 matters.  #itsaprocess.


The last 6 weeks I have really been working on my hurdle technique, getting over the hurdler faster, my flat speed, and getting comfortable with my new race.  All I can say is, it’s been a process. However, it has paid off. I’ve run 4 track meets this indoor season, improving every time I’ve stepped on the track. I’ve been patient, going through the process and practicing….  And most importantly attacking EVERY PRACTICE, RACE, AND HURDLE FEARLESSLY!  And now, I’m getting ready for USA National Championships this weekend.


Yes, this weekend Feb 16-18, I will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico, competing at USA National Championships. So, wish me luck, and follow me on Instagram @mackenziesjourney for updates.


Ready…Set…I’m GONE!!


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